Gazebo is Done

The TFM 25th Anniversary Gazebo in the Rose Garden is now finished. All that is left is the landscaping. Look for the sod to be raised on the north side of the gazebo and white roses planted all around.

This is a great example of why we belong to the Friends of Maniito.

TFM 25 Anniversary Gazebo Photo by Dave Lennstrom
TFM 25 Anniversary Gazebo
Photo by Dave Lennstrom

New Playground Equipment

The playground structure that TFM helped fund in 1997 is going to be replaced. The Park Board has approved purchase of two new play structures to be installed where the existing equipment is. The larger of the two units is shown here; I don’t have pictures of the smaller one. Expect them to be installed sometime next spring.

Personally, I think this will be a great improvement. Playground equipment doesn’t last forever and the unit we helped fund is showing its age. When I brought my grandson to the park last summer, I was a little embarrassed at its condition. The new equipment is also easier to maintain since there are no wooden parts, and I think the modern design will add some sculpture to the north end of the park.

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Soils Lecture

Our Saturday Lecture was about soils, in conjunction with the Intentional Year of Soils. Speaking were Mary Beth Shinn, Ryan Herring and Carol Albietz from the WSU Master Gardeners. Also don’t miss seeing “Symphony of the Soil” on Wednesday at Hemmingson Center on GU campus at 6:30 or at CenterPlace on Saturday at 1:30.


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