Order a Complete Garden in a Box

For the fall TFM plant sale in 2017 we will be offering the following expertly designed gardens.  All the plants will look fabulous together and follow the theme. You can order one or more of them and we will select the plants for you, box them up, put your name on the box.  You can pick them up September 9. We will contact you after you place your order, to answer your questions and ensure you are still happy with your new garden.

We are no longer accepting pre-orders for Garden-in-a Box. However, if you are still interested in purchasing one of these gardens, come see the Garden-in-a-Box booth at our plant sale on Saturday. We should be able to help you put one together.


The Hummingbird Garden-in-a-Box design includes several hummingbird magnet plants. Plant this garden and they will come!  All of these plants are perennials and should be planted in full sun.  Price is $139.



The Xeric Garden-in-a-Box is a beautiful garden vignette designed to be not only lovely but also able to survive without added moisture, once it is established.  These perennials should all be planted in full sun. Price is $189.

Winter Interest

Providing winter interest in the landscape is always a challenge in the Spokane area. The Fall and Winter Interest Garden-in-a-Box takes the challenge away and provides a stunning multi-season garden.  These plants are all perennials and will grow well with a full sun exposure.  Price is $212.