Order a Complete Garden in a Box

For the spring TFM plant sale in 2017 we will be offering the following expertly designed gardens.  All the plants will look fabulous together and follow the theme. You can order one or more of them and we will select the plants for you, box them up, put your name on the box.  You can pick them up June 3. We will contact you after you place your order, to answer your questions and ensure you are still happy with your new garden.

Time is running out!  In order for us to process your orders, they need to be in before Wednesday, May 31.  If you still want one of these special gardens, come to our plant sale on Saturday and we’ll help you select plants for your own custom garden.

Child’s Garden Delight

Each plant in this selection has a special characteristic that makes it fun and exciting.  Many have special smells, like the Hyssop Tutti Frutti (Agastache) and the Bee Balm Bubblegum Blast (Monarda). Others  like the Lamb’s Ears  and the Yellow Horned Poppy have fun textures. These are just the thing to get your child or grandchild, or just the child in you, having fun in the garden.

And we’ve made ordering easy as well.  Just click HERE and indicate “Child’s Garden Delight”

Dry Shade

This one is perfect for under a tree where sometimes all the watering gets sucked up by the tree roots.  Once established, these plants should add lots of interest to one of those problem areas.

You order this one the same way.  Click HERE and click on “Dry Shade”.

Pollinator Garden

This combination of plants that are sure to attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. Help support the wild bee populations and enjoy the colorful butterflies and those amazing hummingbirds.

Order this one by clicking  HERE and then “Pollinator”.

Edible Garden

If your concept of a garden is that it needs to produce something good to eat, then this group of perennials is for you.  This includes asparagus, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, the exotic Goji berries, and even some seedless grapes. Plant this garden and get ready to cook up some home-made jams and jellies or your favorite dessert. All plants are cold-hardy to the Spokane area.

The order form is  HERE .  Fill it out and select “Edible Garden”

Deer Resistant and Zone-4 Hardy Garden

All of these plants are both resistant to the munching of marauding deer, but they also can withstand a winter that can get as cold as -30 degrees Fahrenheit.   If you live out of town a little bit, or just want plants that are sure to withstand the cold, these can do it.  And the deer shouldn’t bother them.

If you want this one, just click  HERE and select “Deer Resistant and Zone 4 Hardy”