Got a Plant Sale Question?

Q: What is a perennial plant?

A: A perennial plant or simply perennial is a plant that lives for more than two years. The term (per- + -ennial, “through the years”) is often used to differentiate a plant from shorter-lived annuals and biennials. The term is also widely used to distinguish plants with little or no woody growth from trees and shrubs, which are also technically perennials.  From The Garden Helper. The Difference Between Annual Plants and Perennial Plants in the Garden. and  RHS A-Z encyclopedia of garden plants. United Kingdom: Dorling Kindersley. 2008. p. 1136.

Q: Where will I be able to find plants that produce things to eat?

A: We will have a special table for edibles again this year.  Look for it in the middle of the sales area.

Q: Are you still offering Garden-in-a-Box?

A: Regrettably, no.  It took a lot of time to get set up and to process the orders.

Q: How do I find all the grass plants you will have for sale?

A: Go to the Plant List page which is under the Sales menu.  Click on the image of the spreadsheet, which will open the plant list.  Go to column “R”, which is Section.  Click on the little triangle on the right.  This will open a window that will filter the plant data.  Click on “clear” and then click on the word “Grass”.  Press enter and the plant list now shows just the grasses we will be selling.  You may also download the file and use your favorite spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel.