Current Projects

These projects have been approved by the TFM board and are currently under construction:

Mirror Pond

First step is to drain as much water as possible from the pond.
A ramp is being constructed in the northwest corner of the pond. This will enable trucks to enter,

This fall, thanks to many Mirror Pond donors, TFM is helping to fund a major new effort to make the pond healthy without the use of toxic chemicals. The project will safely remove indigenous wildlife from the pond, excavate the pond to remove sediment and at the same time deepen it to reduce algae bloom, install a treatment wetland to filter out phosphorous and nitrogen and reintroduce water and native wildlife to the pond.

Bicycle Rack

A TFM-funded Public Art/Bike Rack has been constructed by artist Ken Spiering. This should be installed this fall, near the northeast corner of Duncan Garden and will feature the Duncan Garden tulip motif.

Pollinator Garden

TFM has also approved a project to replace the butterfly garden, shown here, with a new pollinator garden with a water feature.