Plant Profile: Viburnum dilatatum ‘SMNVDMDO’ Tandoori Orange

Photo Credit: Spring Meadow Nursery

Viburnum Tandoori Orange earns its place in any garden with its multi-seasons of interest. Massive, umbels of creamy white, 1/4” flowers appear in June and are attractive to butterflies.

The dark green leaves are broad, rounded and heavily puckered with coarsely serrated edges.

Because they have a similar look to those of a linden tree, Viburnum dilatatum is often referred to as a linden Viburnum. The foliage will turn a bright orange-red in the fall.

Bright orange, 1/3” berries develop in late summer and persist into winter. Berry production is best when planted near another Viburnum dilatatum. The dense habit of the shrub provides cover for nesting birds and the berries supplies good forage.

Viburnum Tandoori Orange would make a gorgeous screen, foundation planting, or hedge. Combine it with ornamental grasses, Rudbeckias and Sedums for a dramatic and spectacular  autumnal display. It is not bothered by pests or disease and is adaptable to light and soil conditions.

Janis Saiki

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