Plant Profile Lychnis ‘Feuer’





  • Common Name: German Catchfly
  • Exposure: Part to full sun
  • Hardiness: Hardy to Zone 4 or -30 degrees
  • Mature size: 18-24” x 24”
  • Bloom Time: Late spring

Lychnis ‘Feuer’ is a profuse bloomer in late spring. In late spring thin, nearly leafless, but strong stems rocket upward. These are then topped with 5-petaled, bright almost neon pink flowers all neatly arranged in clusters.  Because of the massive and brilliant bloom, pollinators are attracted from all around.

The blooms make a long-lasting cut flower and look amazing in a vase all by themselves or with flowers of the Viburnum, lilac or those of a tree peony.

German catchfly foliage is thin and grass-like, forming a tidy, almost evergreen basal rosette. Plants prefer lean, dry, well draining soil and will tolerate a good amount of drought once established. Even though plants flourish in full sun they will still have an abundant bloom when planted in part shade. Lychnis ‘Feuer’ will self-seed when happy.

The botanical name of Lychnis has Greek origins with lychos meaning lamp, referring to the glowing, and intense color of the flowers.

Janis Saiki

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