Each Garden in a Box has a Personality



Again this spring, we are offering our exclusive selection of pre-designed gardens, each one containing a collection of plants with a specific goal. And they all work well with each other. If you order one or more of these, we will select the plants for you, package them all up and have them ready to go. All you have to do is pay for them and haul them home.  It just can’t get any easier than this.

Child’s Garden Delight

The Friends of Manito child’s garden contains a couple plants with personality, one opens in the morning and closes in the evening, the other opens in the evening to attract moth pollinators. One plant is fuzzy and soft, another has flowers in the shape of a turtle’s head, some have a delightful fragrance and several attract pollinators. Then there are the large growing plants, one with huge flowers, a second with horizontal gold banding, and a third with fluffy, cloud-like flowers. All the plants included are selected for their different textures and form and to inspire a sense of wonder and awe of the world.

Dry Shade Garden

The Friends of Manito Dry Shade Garden-in-a-Box was designed to add lots of color, interest and illumination in a darker shade area with plants that can tolerate the difficult, drier soil caused by the roots of thirsty shade trees.

Pollinator Garden

There are specific plants that pollinators are attracted to most. The plants included in The Friends of Manito Pollinator Garden-in-a-Box have proven to be the biggest magnets to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Sit back and enjoy watching all the new flurry of garden visitors.

Edible Garden

All the plants included in the Edible Garden-in-a-Box are hardy to this area, disease resistant, prolific producers, and maybe just a little exceptional. How fun would it be to pass through an arbor and just reach up and pick a few hardy kiwi?

Deer Resistant and Zone 4 Hardy Garden

The deer resistant & hardy to zone 4 Garden-in-a-Box was specifically designed for all those that may have given up having a beautiful garden because deer have obliterated any plant ever tried or because it is just too difficult to find tough plants hardy enough to survive a harsh -22 to -30 degrees below zero winter. This garden is your solution!

To examine these in detail and to order one, check out our Garden-in-a-Box page.

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