Board Meeting Minutes

The Friends of Manito

Board Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2018

Members Present – Steven Nokes, Dave Lennstrom,  Isaac Curtis,  Eberhard Schmidt,  Alethea McCann,  Dorene Wade, Steve Vigus, Andrew Gerhardt, Judy Palrud, Jim Demand

Excused – Anne Franks

TFM Staff –Judy Nelson

Horticulture Supervisor – Steve Nittolo

Guests – Nancy Biggerstaff, Leyna Bernstein, Jason Hayes — All three will become board members after the election on October 20, 2018.  The 4th new board member, Kelly Brown, was unable to attend this meeting.  Each introduced themselves and gave a brief summary as to why they want to be on the board of directors.

Coordinator’s Report – Judy reports that it has been another busy month processing 140 memberships.  Most of the memberships were new members.  Some were renewing members after not being members for several years.

Minutes – approved as emailed.

September Hours – Dave recorded September volunteer hours from each board member.

Treasurer’s Report:  Steven Nokes presented the financial report (copy attached).  He moved $40,000 from the checking account to the savings.  He reports that the expenses were down from last year’s plant sale.  After all expenses have been paid and recorded, he will have a complete plant sale financial report next month.

Open House – New board member, Kelly Brown will chair the Open House which will take place on December 8th & 9th.  Activities planned are cookie decorating for children and visits with Santa.  We will also be selling calendars and poinsettias (donated from the greenhouse).

Due to the fact that we can no longer have more than 50 people in the meeting room at one time, we will not be having any refreshments for adults.

Holiday Lights – Jim Demand has volunteered to be available every night to help with the parking.  Rockwood Deaconess has volunteered to help sponsor the event in some way.  Jim, Dorene and Alethea and Steve Nittolo will be meeting with them on Friday, October 12 to work out the details.  More to come next month….

Calendars – The stores have not been contacted yet, so the calendars are not yet available, except at Manito Park.

New Board Meeting Training Committee –The committee members are Alethea, Andrew and Steve Vigus.  They will put together a welcome packet with the board of director’s notebook. They will go over bylaws, etc. The training will also include a tour of the park to include the projects TFM has sponsored. 

Plant Sale – A plant sale committee will be formed to manage the 2019 plant sales.  This will include Jane Smith, Carol Albietz, Judy Palrud, Gabi Tilley, and Kathy Schrader & Carol McKenny.  They will be meeting on Wednesday, October 10th.  Apparently there was some misunderstanding regarding plant sale dates.  The September date for 2019 will be September 7th.  It was brought up that we have a big weed problem in the lath area.  The plant sale committee will make the decision – weed barrier cloth or pre-emergent or both.

Garden Expo – It is a great marketing opportunity for our plant sales.  It was decided to continue our participation in the event.  Carol McKenny is the chair.  She will need volunteers to help with sales, cashiers, transporting plants to SCC, and clean up.

Plant Ordering – Steve Nokes and a small group of plant sale volunteers have been working on ordering plants for next year.  They will be ordering 10,000 to 12,000 new plants.  He is looking for “edibles” at a good price.  He is waiting for a new catalog for shrubs.  There will also be fall blooming mums along with other fall plants.   The left-over plants from this year will be for sale in the spring of 2019.

Sad News – Dave told the board that Tony Bamonte has cancer and is not doing well.  Tony & his wife Suzanne have written several books.  Two books are on Manito Park and the third one is in the works.

Education – Dorene Wade reported that we had 82 people attend the lecture on dividing perennials by Steve Nokes.  The limit for the meeting room is 50 people.  The weather was beautiful so the event was held outside in the parking lot.

Dorene also reports that the children’s science series has been well received.  The last class was sold out.  The instructor agreed to add a second class following the morning session.  That class also sold out. Do we want to continue with the science series classes?  The education committee will decide.  Northwest Seed & Pet will be sponsoring the classes for 2019.

New project proposals – Steve Nittolo

Steve presented some smaller projects for the Board to consider.  Butterfly/Pollinator Garden — He would like to add a water feature with a pump to recycle water; enlarge the planting beds; put in a walking path.  His estimation of the cost is $15,000 to $20,000.  Also, $1500 to $2000 for design work will be part of it.

The second project would be to widen the path from the Park Bench Cafe to the restrooms.  The path would be gravel with basalt rock walls.  Steve estimates the cost to be $25,000.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Nelson