A Plant Sale Tale

What a spring we have had! Just a week ago it felt like February but every spring is a lesson in flexibility when plants behave differently than expected in response to conditions beyond our control.

 Last week, I was horribly worried when plants weren’t pushing, having been fooled it was late winter instead of late spring. This week is a different story entirely, although I did pull several plant cultivars out of our sale because of their size. Many have rocketed forth, some even beginning to bloom. This is a glorious time of year!

 The bumble bees are also out in numbers; a gratifying sight! Always busy and never idle, I had difficulty photographing them yesterday.

 All of our efforts culminate with the plant sale on Saturday, June 3rd. The planting, grooming and tagging is a monstrous feat the volunteers take on without hesitation. They have accomplished so very much already this year and I am so very grateful to them.

 I am always thinking of ways our sale will be more fun, interesting and worthwhile to our customers. New, this sale is our Clash of the Containers Competition. Rosauers has always been so exceptional towards The Friends of a Manito, helping us sell our pictorial calendars every fall. They have again partnered with us for this fun event and volunteered 5 employees to battle it out for bragging rights over the best container planting! We applaud them in advance! Thank you! It will be a great time!

Janis Saiki

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